Quality Policy


We make efforts to pursue stable quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery to maximize our customer satisfaction.
  1. Conduct our best efforts to pursue customer satisfaction and to be trusted by our customers.
  2. Set quality targets and confirm the state of progress through management reviews.
  3. Utilize quality management system and continue non stop improvement.
  4. Implement training program to ensure every member well understand and act in accordance with the quality policy.
  5. Disclose the quality policy to the public through the website.

Environmental Policy


We consider environmental issues as one of the most important concerns to be solved. Seki makes continuous effort to reduce the environmental load throughout our business activities.


  1. Always comply with environment-related laws, regulations and ordinances and efficiently utilize the resources and energy.
  2. In order to conserve the global environment and prevent pollution, we construct a framework of "never include, never use and never produce" chemical substances which may effect environment.
  3. Set and review the environmental objectives and goals under the environmental activity management system.
  4. Disclose the environmental policy to the public through the website.