Parts Production Machinery


Progressive Stamping Machine

Various types of parts can be processed by using our small to medium size progressive stamping machines. These machines are suitable for high volume mass production.


Single Stamping Machine

Machines suitable for small volume production are aslo available. These machines can be used for post-process after running progressive stamping machines or parts requires precise dimension which cannot be done by turret punch or laser cutting machines.


Degreasing Machine

Automated degreasing machines are installed in all production site.


High Spin Caulking Machine

Seki can provide integrated production process from precision stamping parts to in-house assembly with quality assuarance.


Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding is alternative production method for the parts cannot be assembled by using caulking machine. To increase productivity we use automatic turn tables and machines.

Other Machines

Various machines are also installed to support customer requirment. Tapping devices, spot welding, barrels machines and other machines are available.

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